Type sphinx-intl without arguments, options to show command help.

Environment Variables

All command-line options can be set with environment variables using the format SPHINXINTL_<UPPER_LONG_NAME> . Dashes (-) have to be replaced with underscores (_).

For example, to set the languages:


This is the same as passing the option to sphinx-intl directly:

sphinx-intl <command> --language=de --language=ja


Add below settings to sphinx document’s if they do not exists:

locale_dirs = ['locale/']   #for example
gettext_compact = False     #optional

Makefile / make.bat

make gettext will generate pot files into _build/gettext directory, however it is much convenient if pot files are generated into the locale/pot directory. You can achieve this by replacing _build/gettext with locale/pot in your Makefile and/or make.bat that was generated by sphinx-quickstart.