Basic Features

  • create or update po files from pot files.

  • build mo files from po files.

Optional features

These features depends on the transifex-client tool. Please refer Installation section to install it.

  • create .transifexrc file from environment variable, without interactive input.

  • create .tx/config file without interactive input.

  • update .tx/config file from locale/pot files automatically.

  • build mo files from po files in the locale directory.

You need to use tx command for below features:

  • tx push -s : push pot (translation catalogs) to transifex.

  • tx pull -l ja : pull po (translated catalogs) from transifex.


It is strongly recommended to use virtualenv/venv for this procedure:

$ pip install sphinx-intl

If you want to use Optional Features, you need install Transifex CLI tool. Please refer to Installation instructions.