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To Be Written

Setup development environment

  • Requires supported Python version

  • Do setup under sphinx-intl.git repository root as:

    $ pip install -U pip setuptools wheel setuptools_scm
    $ pip install -r requirements-testing.txt
  • Install Transifex CLI tool (refer to Installation instructions):

    $ curl -o- | bash


Tests with supported python version that are in:


  • tox.ini

  • .github/workflow/test.yml

Run test

Just run tox:

$ tox

tox have several sections for testing.

CI (Continuous Integration)

All tests will be run on GitHub Actions.


New package version

The sphinx-intl package will be uploaded to PyPI:

Here is a release procedure:


  1. check GitHub Actions test results:

  2. update release version/date in CHANGES.rst

  3. python release sdist bdist_wheel

  4. twine upload dist/<target-package-file>

  5. check PyPI page:

  6. tagging with version name that MUST following semver. e.g.: git tag 1.0.1

  7. git push --tags to push tag

  8. bump version in sphinx_intl/ and CHANGES.rst then commit/push them onto GitHub

Updated documentation

Sphinx documentation under doc/ directory on the master branch will be automatically uploaded into ReadTheDocs: